The cold kind of bothered her. Due to slipping on ice, Idina Menzel has been pulled out of If/Then and will be replaced by Oscar Winner Anne Hathaway

#do you want to know the objectively best scene of wicked or any other musical #it is is the opening of wicked like when glinda the new ruler of oz is in her bubble trying to lead her people forward into goodness #trying to construct a narrative about her dead best friend that they can hear and understand #like she is still trying to change her country’s oppressive social consciousness from within it #trying to teach her people compassion and perspective #she believes in these people #she thinks they can learn #and they’re all just shrieking no one mourns the— wickeeeeeed #evil threatened their complacent society evil lived in the margins evil refused to obey #and glinda so exquisite and determined and still crying (she died alone!) #— but still trying to find or create goodness #and then the huge clutching silhouette of elphaba in hat and cloak #defiant and dark against the morning sky #dead but not gone

“I remember Audra McDonald, coming back stage and saying “make sure when you warm up…” and I remember her putting her hands around my diaphragm and saying I want you to take a deep breath in and she would teach me how to extend my diaphragm and tell me what scales to do. Peter Friedman taught me about being on time, and being ready for your cue and how to behave on stage. And Marin taught me how to have fun and she taught me how to laugh and to not be so hard on yourself. All those little things were my lessons and I got them without taking singing lessons, acting lessons – those were my teachers and I owe everything to them. That was Ragtime for me.”
-Lea Michele.


Josh Peck in his prime


kara lindsay, glinda

Do you have a favorite planet?


I’m really keen on Earth xx


So I finally cracked open my Princess Diaries special edition dvd, and immediately went to the bloopers, as you do, and decided that the internet needed even more reasons to love Julie Andrews. You’re welcome.


Happy 5th Anniversary to Next to Normal!



No, Anna, please no…


Bombshell: The Musical


remember when Tom made out with that straight guy and then he broke the fourth wall



remember when Tom and Sam took care of Ivy when she was really out of it from taking those pills


remember when the plane didn’t show up


remember when Tom and Julia did that really cool low five


remember smash



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